The end is never the end

When you break up with someone, immediately after you hate them. Your mind is filled with all the awful events during your relationship together. You can’t seem to recall any happy moments. As time go on, slowly you begin to miss them. You walk by the restaurant you used to dine with him, you remember his favorite dessert. You go to the beach and you remember the the silly times. You hangout at a nice rooftop patio and you remember those nights you spend with him. You pass by a store and you remember his shirts. You never forget, you never fully move on from your past. You will always cherish and you will always hate. The only thing that changes is that it hurts less and less. Your sense of time drift and when you recall the past, it begin to seem more and more distant. You wonder how they are doing and you wonder how things would have been, could have been, should have been. You begin to see other people, but the past will always exist and there will always be a time where you turn your head. You look back. You look back so that the next step you take, you take with caution, you take with precision. Because in your heart, you are hoping the next one will be the last one, the only one.


American Academy of Optometry meeting 2012 Phoenix, AZ. I must say phoenix is probably one of the most boring place I have ever visited. The place is so deserted. AC kept on saying its like we are in zombie apocalypse. Our research presentation was very successful. Its always nice to know there are other people in the world that place similar values on things we believe are important. This was definitely a much needed break from school. Now its time to prepare for proficiency exam III and catch up on the week of school I missed. Life never stops. Can’t wait ‘til Thanksgiving.

ITS DECEMBER 1ST!! Christmas Tree Lighting in Boston Commons & 20 more days ‘til I turn 22! 

First American Thanksgiving with my amazing NECO family! 

My first fall in boston! My first time throwing leaves with friends! In this short memorable period, I have met some of the most wonderful people in the world. I feel so blessed and I feel so loved.