Glass sculptures and installations by Susan Liebold

from The Childish Gambino Mashup EP
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New Scissor Sisters single Only The Horses, produced by Calvin Harris & Alex Ridha (Boys Noize). Released May 13th, Pre Order from April 15th.!/scissorsisters
Scissor Sisters


Clinical medicine. You make me want to bang my head against a wall. I’m staring at the number of words on each powerpoint slide and the number of slides per page and the total number of pages and I just want to curl up and get into fetal position.

Finally there comes to a point where my stress level plateaus. I turn up my favorite dance music. I bob my head and I start absorbing this load of information like osmosis. I got so focused on reading words after words, sentences after sentences that I almost set my apartment on fire twice from forgetting that I was making food for myself. Thank god for my roommate! 

Overdosing on knowledge, I have to say, it is actually quite an amazing feeling. 3 down, 3 more to go.

All you are is amazing

Block 7 exam week. Close your eyes. Remember to breathe, remember to take breaks, remember to sleep, remember to get up and stretch, remember to eat. Remember the most you can do is to try your best. You are only human. Here’s to hundreds of diseases, thousands of diagnosis, 10 thousand drugs and a 100 thousand cases. Pencils, erasers and my brain.

60 plays Just Give Me A Reason P!nk Feat Nate Ruess The Official Uk Top 40 Singles Chart 17-02-2013
The remaining pieces

Reflecting on all those years of good memories back in university, I thought to myself, where are the remaining pieces? Its sad to say that I will go and stroll through my facebook inbox just to read those messages. To feel what I felt during those times. To relive those moments of heartbeats. 5 years ago, if you ask me would I expect myself to be where I am today? I would say no. I didn’t believe I had the capability to get into a professional school. I didn’t think any highly of myself but rather just an average kid doing a pre-med degree. I didn’t think my life would change so much from then to now. I didn’t think I’d meet so many more people that stayed and left. I’d like to say I miss you. I’d like to say I miss all those years of laughter. All those simple days and long conversations on the phone. I’d like to say that I think about you still because you’ve became a family member since and that no one has yet to replace. So to go back in time, I recollect all the remaining pieces just to enjoy a few minutes of reminiscence. And I am still asking myself the same question: What do I want? And til now, I still don’t have an answer.